How (and why) to terminate your values

Last updated November 17, 2015

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Do you ever feel like you’re just going through all the movement of life without actually living?I know. I know. A couple of months ago, I realized that, while I was making progress in my academic activities and business videos, I still felt … empty …

“Why does that even that?” I wonder. “Why did I fight for these temporary targets, which I probably don’t remember even five, ten, fiftieth years?“As usual, I was successful, but it didn ‘ t mean anything to me …

Deep stuff, huh? It’s probably not what you’re worried about every day. ) I wasn’t sure how to deal with this feeling for a while, but then I came across James Yak.

This position was a revision to me. I’ve read a lot about online business, career, success and high success, but I rarely see any of these goals.

James ‘ s post was the first attempt I had forseen for the indigenous goals of business and life in clearly defined values, which were more altruistic than “making money” and more specific than “helping others.“I knew it was some kind of change that I had to do for my own life, but, like so many important things, I left it in memory as one of the things I would have made when I had time.

What really changed for me was to see the author David Fighter Wallace in 2005 at Kenyon College.

Unlike many of the opening addresses, which try to hire the grants and tell them all the great things they will do, Wallace is brully honest about boredals and petty frusts that are part of adult life. He wants to tell the Greek.

Although the speech that was the most life to me, it was as follows:

” … the sound real world will not prevent you from working on your defaults, because the-called real world of men and money is fun, and anger and power.

I know it sounds like a really hard thing, but the Wallace case is that each of us has the freedom to reject these “default settings” and make sense on the ball of something better. What is “better” depends on you (more about this in a moment), but the point is that you have a different choice than default, and.

But before we go any other, we need to clareify what “values” …

Defining values is not a simple task …

The second definition, given by Google, is not a bad start:

But it leaves much to the imagination and does not stress exactly what values.

Use these principles when you discover your values ..

” Most people never take time to think about their values, writing them and clifying them. Maybe it sounds too easy or not. “.

Maybe you’re not sure that the definition of your values is what really matters, and that’s completely underground. All this can sound very verbose, unscience, and a waste of time …

In this section, I hope to dispel your doubts by providing three reasons for terminate your values:.

  • To improve your mental and physical health.
  • Living on your own terms.
  • To make difficult decisions easier.
  • You may be surpried to learn that there is scientifically sound evidence of why it is important to define your values ..

    Again, here is James Jasny (.

    ” In the long run, it was shown how to write about the values.

    Sounds pretty impressive, right? Who doesn’t want such benefits? Defining your values can really implve your health.

    This quote also indicates that the definition of your values does not require long periods of self-reflection on the snowdy mountain (though, if you do, it is perfectly loaded, and I want to see the photos). Even expenses.Regardless of your beliefs about the afterlife or the rebirth, you only get to live this (special) life once …

    Let ‘ s be general and assume that you have given a long human life for 90 years. This means that you get 1080 months, 4680 weeks, or 32 850 days …

    90 winters, springs, sammer and falls …

    It seems endless, but.

    Knowing this, it would be a shame to live in your life based on the blintold actice of a straanger’s value, which is the pack of a better word,

    It goes back to David Foster Walace’s quote I used before. If you do not define your values, the society gives you pretty shitty default …

    The default social values are:.

  • Self-censorship.
  • Pretty bad ways to live, right? But if you don’t think that you want your values to be, it’s very easy to turn into these defaults. We all do this sometimes (this is part of the human being), but idally they are the exception, not the rule …

    To be satisfied with life, you need to define a better code than the default value of

    Life is full of hard chokes. This is not needed difficult because of potential results, but raather ambiguity.

    Solid solutions for most of us or face will include:.

  • Select a romantic partner.
  • I choose to spend our money.When you define a value, these decisions become more congent.
  • For example, suppose you have.

    As a result, you are in the process of proposing two “excl” jobs, one in Meeseeks Industries, and the other in Gazorpazorp Inc. Both pay a beautiful salary of 60.000 mockel a year, both are in cool, invative companies, and both offer great benefits. And both of them have covered waterslide. We also assume that both are in the same city and distance from where you live ..

    How do you choose between two apparent dream?

    You do some research and find out that, desite their presence on the Internet and the intended desire for philanthropy, Meeseeks Industries to some serious unethical clock-related activity. The company “Gazorpazorp Industries”, on the other hand 10% of its profits to charity, which helps young people with paths to get positive models for the copycat.

    Knowing that you value help to others and give your access wealth, your solution becomes much simpler, and Gazorpazorp Industries is your obvious choice ..

    This was not the most real example, but I hope you can see how.

    If you’re really confused about this, just watch 1 season.

    If you’re still not sure, it’s totally cool – after all, who am I to tell you how to live in your life? Yeah, yeah, yeah.If, however, you decide that the definition of your values is what you want to try, then.

    As I said, this should not be a long, deep process. All you need to terminate your values is 10 minutes and you write the tool of your choice …

    Set the timer to 10 minutes and record the value. They can be common enough, but make sure they’re personal. No one will read these, so write what’s really important to you, not what you think.

    If you need a little inspiration, James Yak has one.

    When I did the exercise myself, that’s what I came up with. I use them only to show that I am following advice, without making your choice …

    ” The idea of this method is:

    While the definition of your values can have a profound effect on health and well-being (as we have seen earlier), your values are of the most important if you live in your daily life …

    Like most of the things you want to do to live your values is a hit. Like most of the hibits that you want to build, you really start strong and then get completely off the rails when the smallest thing went wrong …

    Here are a mew ideas to avoid this common pitfall and purive your values every day:

    In addition to the above, any self-collection that makes sense will help you not to know if you live in hardware with your values …

    This post is intended to be the beginning of a path of self-reflection and more consolus. I hope that this has given you some of the tools needed to live in your life with greater purpose and integrity ..

    I myself, but most of the newcomers in this field. While wisdom is one of my core values, I admit for the first time that I have only seen it through the immelation of others …

    I welcome any of your thoughts or motions on this broad, complex, rewarder theme, and I would be happy to share them in the comments below …

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