Presenting Parent Conferences with a Technology Twist

I know so many teachers are preparing for first quarter parent conferences in the current and coming weeks, and while I am a HUGE believer in conducting Student Led Parent Conferences for students in grades 2 and up (they need to be fluent readers to carry out my program below), I also thought of a neat way for teachers and/or students to bring conferences out of the dark ages and into the 21st century!

PowerPoint is a wonderful program to prepare digital portfolios, but I love the steroid version of PP called Prezi.  I have used Prezi so many times in the past for presentations, and always receive compliments on them.  It is completely free unless you want to be able to lock it down (which you may if you have sensitive student information on them and that pricing is currently at less than $5 a month).  Check out the video below where I show you a little more about Prezi and how you can use it for a conference that will stand out for sure!  (PS – you can also duplicate my presentation and feel free to use it in your own classroom, customizing for you students, of course).

How do you conduct “parent conferences out of the box”?  We would love to hear your great ideas in the comments below as well!