DIY Countdown Calendar

Ok, you are heading into the Winter Break homestretch!  Yay!  But many of the students seem to believe that Santa is coming tomorrow!  No!  And their excitement is bubbling over into your lessons making it a tad difficult to get teaching across.  How about an idea to at least keep them reminded of the days […]

Simple K-6 Mother’s Day Classroom Craft Idea

Mother’s Day crafts can get pricey and be time-consuming for many teachers. Not to mention the glue, glitter, and chaos that sometimes accompanies it! I prefer to try something different when possible, and preferably something that does not involve the art supplies! As I was trying to think up something that kids would enjoy creating, […]

Want to Learn How to Fit It All In?

This time of year is always filled with so much activity that it’s hard to catch your breath at times.  But even though this time of year is particularly busy, is there really ever a time throughout the school year that is full of down time?   Not to my knowledge. Some of the biggest […]

5 Work/Life Balance Tools

Do you have work and life balance?  Do you know what the secret to it is?  I don’t know all the answers, but I can tell you that everyone struggles with this and perhaps there really isn’t such a thing as work/life balance anyway.  Furthermore – maybe we should stop striving for something that actually […]

7 Myths About Differentiated Instruction

The classroom is on fire!   Literally!   And your only way to put out the flame is to use differentiated instruction strategies.  Could you do it? I bet many teachers would say no.  Or they would say that they have tried DI in the past, but it was too confusing, took too long to prep, […]