DIY Phone Speaker

The best classroom teachers play music throughout the day: slow music to work, brain breaks to break up the day, and more. Maybe I am just saying that because I have always used music in the classroom.    But I really do love using it – and for more than just students.  Sometimes just cranking […]

Four Chair Pocket Choices!

I know chair pockets are a hot topic this time of year because it is SUPER nice to be able to have a place where students can easily get to their independent reading items without having to dig through a desk or go to a cubby to grab it.    I happened to be at […]

Accountable Classroom Centers

As I walked into the classroom, it felt like an alternative universe.  I noticed students in various places in the classroom working quietly.  Some were on their own, some in small groups.   The teacher was sitting at a table with several students working on a comprehension skill of some sort that involved several different […]

DIY Countdown Calendar

Ok, you are heading into the Winter Break homestretch!  Yay!  But many of the students seem to believe that Santa is coming tomorrow!  No!  And their excitement is bubbling over into your lessons making it a tad difficult to get teaching across.  How about an idea to at least keep them reminded of the days […]