Group Work Student Role Bands

Hey teaching friends!   I don’t know about you, but when I first started to learn about cooperative learning and group projects, I was pumped at the possibilities and learning that could happen!  So I went to school the next day so excited, put my class of third graders in groups, and gave them a project.   […]

Does Screaming At Your Class Work?

I know most teachers would say the answer to the title question is “usually not.”  If you are normally a more reserved teacher, then yelling could certainly take them by surprise.  lol.  But, at least it has been own personal experience, that many students get yelled at at home quite a bit, and have learned […]

Presenting Parent Conferences with a Technology Twist

I know so many teachers are preparing for first quarter parent conferences in the current and coming weeks, and while I am a HUGE believer in conducting Student Led Parent Conferences for students in grades 2 and up (they need to be fluent readers to carry out my program below), I also thought of a […]

Easy Video Assessment

Today I had the pleasure of reviewing the MeCorder, Mini Video Recorder form Learning Resources.  It was super fun to use and I really can see it being used for all sorts of reasons in and out of the classroom! Would you like to know step-by-step routines that put teachers back in control in just […]

Tablet Tricks and a Giveaway!

Hey teaching friends!  I am SUPER excited to finally be able to let you in a little secret!  I have been working behind the scenes with the cool people at the IntelEDU website for this awesome promotion  and it is finally ready to be revealed!  Yay! Check out their brand new site, which not only […]