Classroom Management: Why & How

My ongoing nightmare beginning nightly the week leading up to the start of school:  I walk in the classroom door ready to start out a successful year and I see students who are throwing papers, hitting each other with backpacks, and using permanent marker to draw a mural on my interactive whiteboard. It doesn’t matter […]

Group Work Student Role Bands

Hey teaching friends!   I don’t know about you, but when I first started to learn about cooperative learning and group projects, I was pumped at the possibilities and learning that could happen!  So I went to school the next day so excited, put my class of third graders in groups, and gave them a project.   […]

Does Screaming At Your Class Work?

I know most teachers would say the answer to the title question is “usually not.”  If you are normally a more reserved teacher, then yelling could certainly take them by surprise.  lol.  But, at least it has been own personal experience, that many students get yelled at at home quite a bit, and have learned […]

Presenting Parent Conferences with a Technology Twist

I know so many teachers are preparing for first quarter parent conferences in the current and coming weeks, and while I am a HUGE believer in conducting Student Led Parent Conferences for students in grades 2 and up (they need to be fluent readers to carry out my program below), I also thought of a […]

Easy Video Assessment

Today I had the pleasure of reviewing the MeCorder, Mini Video Recorder form Learning Resources.  It was super fun to use and I really can see it being used for all sorts of reasons in and out of the classroom! Would you like to know step-by-step routines that put teachers back in control in just […]