Group Work Student Role Bands

Hey teaching friends!   I don’t know about you, but when I first started to learn about cooperative learning and group projects, I was pumped at the possibilities and learning that could happen!  So I went to school the next day so excited, put my class of third graders in groups, and gave them a project.   I was enthralled with what I thought I would see happening right before my very own eyes!


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Yea…then reality happened.  I saw groups of students pretty much fartin’ around, arguing with one another, sitting quietly by themselves like outcasts, yelling across the room to their friends, and pretty much everything I had NOT envisioned – hahaha!  I suddenly realized maybe cooperative learning and group projects was not the best plan.

Of course, as any good teacher will tell you, you need to reflect first on how YOU could have changed the lesson.   I realized that my students not only had no idea what to do, but they were all different personalities and that also didn’t always mesh.

So, the next time I did this experiment, I made sure to assign each child a specific role, or job, for the project.   That seemed to work a little better, but I still had students who were being overly bossy or others who wouldn’t speak up to help at all.  I needed one more thing to make it work better.  A script.

I am super excited to show off my Group Work Role Bands!   You can make your own as well – it doesn’t take any fancy materials.   Just grab some paper or cardstock, write the job description, and viola!   Easy peasy!

If you want the ease of having some already created, I have you covered as well!

My pre-made set of Group Work Student Role Bands includes 25 different student role bands that can be used as wrist bands or even on a lanyard!   They include a description of the role “I need to…” and an example of words to say, so the student makes a better choice when fulfilling that role.  They are plain blackline masters, so you can print easily right on the colored paper or cardstock of your choice.

After printing, you can either create the bands by using a stapler, a paper clip, velcro, or magnets.   {A word to the wise:   if you choose to laminate, you will need SUPER strong pieces of magnets or velcro if you choose that route.}

You could print out enough just for the groups you want to create – and in colors for the amount of groups you have.

Or you could print on very specific colors:   red, yellow, blue, and green maybe and you would know which color (and role) to hand to different students based on their behaviors and abilities.  It’s completely up to you!

It includes the following different student group work role bands:

  • Encourager
  • Materials Manager
  • Researcher
  • Question Wrangler
  • Time Tracker
  • Group Leader
  • Imagination Engineer
  • Feel Good Giver
  • Trouble Talker
  • Task Master
  • Recorder
  • Data Collector
  • Reality Checker
  • Coach
  • Extender
  • Quiet Captain
  • Laser Focuser
  • Group Spy
  • Turn Tracker
  • Wrap Up Talker
  • Rah Rah Coach
  • Errand Monitor
  • Accuracy Accountant
  • The Star of the Show
  • Wildcard

There are tons of bands to choose from, so you can personalize your groups as needed depending on the project and the class!


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Grab your set of Group Work Student Role Bands HERE.

What tips have you found to increase group work/cooperative learning in your classroom?   We would love to hear them in the comments below too!