Easy Video Assessment

Today I had the pleasure of reviewing the MeCorder, Mini Video Recorder form Learning Resources.  It was super fun to use and I really can see it being used for all sorts of reasons in and out of the classroom!

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I love how light it is – I mean really light, so you could pop it in your pocket if needed.  And it is magnetic, which is super handy for something I thought of that I will get into more later in this post.  But the coolest feature was the idea that students can just press a button (there are only 3 to choose from on the machine which makes it pretty much foolproof), and be able to document so many things in the classroom!

One note:  the video will only capture 30 seconds at a time.  While that is not optimal for a huge assessment, it is feasible for showing short fluency passages, students showing a quick project they have completed, or even explaining a math problem.

What about using it for center directions?  I know how we all hate smile through gritted teeth when the same students ask multiple times for the directions again during small group time.    Here is an idea:  take the MeCorder, place it on a metal cookie sheet, and then place all the rest of the center materials on the tray as well, including handouts, manipulatives, scissors, writing utensils, etc.  Then, when students arrive at the center, they can watch the video of you (yet again) explaining the directions, and they will also have all materials at their fingertips!  That could certainly be a wonderful solution to the constant interruptions when students aren’t sure what to do.

The MeCorder will only hold one 30 second video at a time and you know when there is an unseen video when the blue light flashes.  But, you can download the video right to a PC or Mac!  So, if you were having students doing video assessments, just make sure to have it hooked up to a computer for easy transfer and safe-keeping of each video.  Then the next student can record again.  This unit is also charged with a USB cord right from your computer, so no worrying about dead batteries in the middle of the day when you can’t get to more.

Who wants to win one?  Yay!  I know many of you would love to get your hands on a MeCorder too and the students will LOVE the novelty involved.  Get entered below, and good luck from Learning Resources and The Organized Classroom Blog!