Does Screaming At Your Class Work?

I know most teachers would say the answer to the title question is “usually not.”  If you are normally a more reserved teacher, then yelling could certainly take them by surprise.  lol.  But, at least it has been own personal experience, that many students get yelled at at home quite a bit, and have learned to tune it out.  Here’s a great test – if you raise you voice three times or more at a student or at a class, then take it as fact it doesn’t work.  Getting louder than the noise from the classroom is typically an easy thing to do with no special tools needed, no materials, and no planning ahead, but if it isn’t effective, then why keep trying to make it work and hope that students won’t repeat the same behavior again?  Maybe it is time to try something fresh and new, for your sanity and the kids’ behaviors.


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What is your method of choice for getting YOUR students’ attention in class?  We would love to hear it in the comments below.  Thanks!