3 Reasons to Attend Maryville University

It can be hard to decide which university to go to. Should you stay close to home or travel to far away lands in pursuit of the best school? For students in the United States, finding one of the best schools and staying somewhat close to home can be the same thing- all the student has to do is enroll at Maryville University. Why is Maryville one of the best universities? Here are a few good reasons.

Class size

At Maryville, students get as much as help as they need to succeed. Class sizes are kept small- 15 students on average- giving each student time to ask questions and develop his or her own ideas. With such a small class, instructors are able to focus on one student at a time and create meaningful connections with each student.

Online degree options

MU offers dozens of great options for degrees. There are online degrees in the healthcare field, business field, and in the education field, as well as an assortment of other career fields. The online degree route at MU offers students both Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees, as well as a small selection of certificates.

Financial aid options

Maryville allows students with various incomes to attend class, thanks to its financial aid and support options. Students who are full-time and pursuing an undergraduate degree are automatically considered for merit awards that range from $6,000 to $14,000 per school year. Art and Design students can compete for scholarships, and up to 94% of Maryville students receive some sort of financial aid from the school.

In addition to the above, there are other reasons to consider MU, including student on-campus life, safety, and the highly-educated instructors.